Director : Andrew Moir

Country of origin : Canada

Runtime : 00:20:30

Project type : Documentary, Short

Language : English

Queer people between 17 and 88 years old tell about their high school prom night. The intimate accounts of this passage into adolescence provide a (d)surprising prism through which to observe 70 years of the social situation of LGBTIQ people in Canada. Superbly staged, this documentary has already seduced some thirty festivals in North America.

Director's Notes - Andrew Moir : 

Andrew Moir is a Canadian documentary filmmaker. He is best known for his 2019 film Take Me to Prom, which won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Short Documentary at the 8th Canadian Screen Awards in 2020.

"In making this film, I want to encourage the viewer to look at a traditionally heterosexual milestone through a queer lens, spanning multiple generations. Making this documentary showed me that many queer youth have been living full lives being themselves for much longer than I had imagined. I found the resilience in the subjects incredibly inspiring."

Films : 

  • 2019 :  Take Me to Prom ‧ Short/Documentary ‧ 20 min

  • 2017 : Babe, I Hate To Go ‧ Documentary ‧ 19 min

  • 2012 : Just As I Remember ‧ Drama/Short ‧ 18 min

  • Uprooted - Short/Documentary ‧ 6 min