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CineCapsule is proud to present a new film festival very involved in the LGBTIQ community: EVERYBODY'S PERFECT. With the purchase of the pass, take advantage of all the films in competition for this international festival, and set off on an adventure where art rhymes with the defense and exploration of human rights.

Featuring high school prom stories from queer high school seniors aged 17 to 88, "Take Me To Prom" captures 70 years of LGBTQ social progress through this teen milestone.

- Andrew Moir

moyen-lenght film 

Emmanuel is living his dream: to run a club for those who are like him. A space where moths and butterflies can take over the stage and invent their own culture, guided only by their imagination.

- Matthieu Foucher

short film

“Being gay or being different is not wrong. Don't be afraid to be yourself! At World Pride 2019 in New York, two young Thai friends, Ket and Tle, parade with one message: the importance of self-esteem.

- Sasawat Loesrit

moyen-lenght film

During a weekend in the mountains with his sister and her boyfriend, Xavier is forced to go hiking alone with the latter, who doesn't seem to appreciate it. Walking, oxygen and small lakes will soften their relationship...

- Thierry Préval

Tillie's lonely life as a road-kidnapping worker is destabilized when Wanda, a living stranger, arrives in town.

- Aliza Brugger

Feature film

Jack was born and lives in an industrial province in northern Italy. He is very close to his family, frequents his friends in pubs and has fishing as a hobby. He decided, at the age of 28, to begin his transition to become completely what he has always been: a man.

- Elsi Perino, Ilaria Ciavattini

short film

Mani, 12, lives in an unusual love triangle between his driver and his mother. In the patriarchal environment of the city of Tehran, the boy lets himself be guided by his first sensual attractions.

- Ashkan Mehri

short film

Horny pizza orders from hot guy ...

- Ethan Folk et Ty Wardwell


Maria Luiza da Silva is the first transgender person recognized in the Brazilian armed forces. After 22 years of work as a soldier, she was retired due to disability. 

- Marcelo Díaz

Kapaemahu reveals the healing power of four mysterious stones on Waikiki beach - and the legendary transgender spirits within them.

-  Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe WIlson

moyen-lenght film

Joana, 13, examines women's bodies in the locker room, questions hers in her mirror, with existential anxiety: can she change her body, gender, femininity?

- Èrika Sánchez

A little-travelled national road, a hotel in reprieve, a roadside restaurant from another time. A young woman, Daphne, drives through these desert landscapes...

- Johann G. Louis