CinéCapsule was born from a desire to provide support to Independent film festivals during the pandemic. With quarantine measures, cinemas closed and festivals had no way to showcase their films and, thus, bring new talents to the forefront.



This is why CinéCapsule's online platform was launched in September 2020. Being part of the Swiss Versus Virus Incubator, our team (made of young female filmmakers and cinema and theatre enthusiasts) got together to bring you the content of different events everywhere you go!


Thanks to the broadcasting of different festivals on our platform, viewers, with the purchase of a pass, directly support CinéCapsule (and our great team) but, above all, the independent cinema industry and new directors from around the world ! With its simple and minimalistic look, our platform is available on desktop, but also smartphones, so to allow everyone to discover new films and artists wherever they want ! 


Our goal: to showcase the indie cinema industry, bring new talents under the spotlight and bring festivals directly to the viewer.



Thanks to CinéCapsule, we were able to highlight the Paris Art and Movies Award (PAMA) festival, broadcast Masterclasses with James Morrisson and so many other events! But the adventure doesn't stop there.



With our platform, we want to share this love for independent cinema and allow the community of filmmakers, cinephiles and those curious about cinema to come together, discuss, exchange and meet new people! New festivals and events are added regularly, so what are you waiting for? Join us now!

Our Partners

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